Who We Are

At its roots, Beyond was founded on principles of inclusion and servicing underserved markets.

What we believe sets Beyond apart?

Historically, in investment management and finance, minority demographics are often excluded from executive leadership positions. Steering the ship, Beyond’s Chairperson is part of two historically underrepresented demographic groups – being female and of a minority ethnic background. Therefore, Jenny Zhan’s personal experiences in Institutional Portfolio Management and Investment Management drives our organization’s dedication to recognize the importance of having a diverse and cross-disciplinary workforce.


At the asset-level, Beyond makes a dedicated effort to incorporate ESG best practices into our investment strategies.

Key examples include the introduction of EV charging stations to value-add multifamily projects, and the debt investment towards an EV-concept hotel. We believe in the impact of real estate investments.

*Beyond Global Management does not have an ESG or Impact investing mandate. Instead, we strive to promote ESG concepts at the asset level.


We can help with both equity & credit real estate strategies for a diversified portfolio. Contact us for more details